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Carolina Maintenance & Reconstruction co. Llc,
Welcome to WhyNotFix.com

Thank you for your interest in Carolina M&R co. Llc

Please do not let the name confuse you. We offer quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices. We are a service based company that was founded on the principle of being able to make home repairs affordable. We can handle any size job you need done. We can change a light bulb or build you a new house. Whatever you need done is what we can do for you. We offer quality craftsmanship at handyman prices, we are not handymen but will do any size job or multiple smaller jobs that you may have. Also, we have the ability to handle the frequency of the jobs you need completed. Whether you are a homeowner or own a 300 unit apartment complex Carolina Maintenance & reconstruction co. Llc, is for you!

Our goal is to have your house or place of business be something that you can enjoy and live with, not the headache of having.

WhyNotFix.com – This means exactly what it says, Why Not Fix. We give you absolutely no reason to not fix now. We are affordable, we are honest, we are reliable, and we offer many types of payment options and payment plans. There is no reason to put anything off any longer, it will eventually just get worse and cause more damage and cost more money in the long run. Don’t wait, do it now.

The responsibilities owning property:

  • Beauty. Keeping your property looking nice for you and the neighbor’s.

  • Upkeep. Roofing, siding, windows, and doors.

  • Safety. Stairs, handrails, cracked driveways and sidewalks.

  • Investment. Should you decide to sell, or refinance.

  • Lawn. Mowing, weeding, and trimming bushes.

You should never sacrifice anything when it comes to making your house look as nice as it can. We offer affordable payment plans and you will always receive a free estimate. Never pay for estimates!

How do you know who you can trust!

  • Reputation. Do they have a good name for themselves?

  • Referrals. Did you get referred and do they have referrals to give you?

  • Length of time in Business. Last week or several years?

  • Accreditations. Are they fly by night, or are they accredited. 

  • Contacts. Can you get in touch with them easily or do they avoid.

  • Mailing address. Do you know there address or is it a p.o. box.

  • Professional. Do they appear professional or no!

  • Most important, how do you feel about them? Trust your gut feeling!

“The bitterness of poor quality last a lot longer than the sweetness of cheap price” (unknown)

With Carolina Maintenance & Reconstruction co. Llc. We have all the above. We have a outstanding reputation. We have plenty of referrals. Also, we have been in business for over 17 years. No other company with as many accreditation's can offer you service and prices like we can. You have my cell and my home number. My mailing address is my house address. We handle ourselves in the most professional way possible, and you will feel great about us, I am sure.

Billing options

  • Contracts. With an estimate we will write up an agreed price and do the job by contract. All materials and labor included.

  • 30-60 day billing.  This is usually designed for businesses and rental companies that have a corporate headquarters elsewhere.

  • Monthly. This is usually designed for someone who has a monthly service or agreement for repairs for

  • Invoice. Once an account has been established, we can just do repairs authorized by a phone call or click of a mouse.

  • Payments. With approved credit we can accept payments made by you in the amount monthly agreed upon.

  • Credit card. You can have the convenience of making payments with credit cards, or making your monthly payment with a credit card.

On call
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Emergency. Fire or water intrusion.

  • Electrical. No lights, power etc.

  • Plumbing. Showers, toilets, sink.

  • Safety concerns. Children, Elderly.

Outside normal business hours there would be a small after hours fee charged for all emergency services. Unless account has been authorized for this type of service.

In closing, you need to feel as comfortable as I do about your decision on hiring Carolina M&R co. Llc to perform the work at your house or business. We go several steps further in assuring this. Besides all employees being professional and having several years of experience in what they are doing, every employee undergoes a thorough background check. This is criminal and all screenings. Carolina maintenance & reconstruction co. Llc carries all necessary licenses and we are bonded and insured for your protection.There is so much I would like to say, to have you feel as passionate as I do for this company. This company was founded on the principle that it would not be like other companies. It was founded on the basis of knowledge of building, customer service and customer satisfaction. The customer service is second to none and we will never stop unless you are 100% satisfied. Give Carolina M&R co. Llc a chance and you will be glad you did.




"We work for you"

God bless,

Carolina maintenance & Reconstruction co. Llc

Richard W. Rogowski Owner

& team.


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