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Apartment complexes, Businesses and Homeowners

Landlord & Business Services:

Are you a landlord or Business owner with one or more buildings or businesses? As any landlord or business owner knows, apartment buildings, commercial businesses and residential developments can often have a multitude of repair and installation issues. Instead of having your tenants deduct high priced jobs from their rent check for "supposedly" repairing the problem, or trying to hire employees to do the job, hire us to come in and repair them for are agreed upon rate or by the job. We are fully insured so you don't have to pay those high insurance rates. Instead of your having to maintain a host of different repair and installation services for your buildings, make Carolin Maintenance and Reconstruction Co. Llc your on-call specialist for all of these building maintenance needs.

For commercial property owners and landlords, I know how you can feel. After being a general contractor for 15 years with the same name and a great reputation we were blessed to be able to purchase several rentals and business properties. Well, we were so busy, even with our full staff of qualified workers, it was nearly impossible to get our problems fixed in a timely manner. After calling several smaller contractors to do it, nobody wanted to waste time with the smaller jobs. We couldn’t afford to add a maintenance staff and I didn’t want to raise rents, we wanted to be fair. This is why Carolina M&R co. Llc is here for you. We can either work in addition to your maintenance team or as problems arise we can fix them for you. We make it very easy to do this. All you have to do is call, email, fax and with a few clicks of a mouse or a simple phone call we will fix it for you. We now make it more affordable and profitable for you to just have us do it.

What I mean by that is we can do your jobs for cheaper and better than any other accredited company. That’s a bold statement but one I will stand by. We carry full insurance and are members of the BBB and many of the chamber of commerce’s in your area. We will also ad coverage if needed.  Every employee goes through a thorough background check and is as reliable as the next one. Also, they are uniformed and drug free. Yet we can do this cheaper, this is because we have professional technicians that have knowledge and superb quality craftsmanship. They get the job done right the first time and efficiently. Also, we have very, very low overhead, not like some of those other companies.

We can do the jobs for you and bill by the hour, job, monthly, seasonally, and 60-90 day billing. If you have maintenance men we can work in addition to them rather than hiring additional employees. We carry all insurances so you save without needing to provide them per employee basis. We can finance jobs with approved paperwork, and can bill individual people with signed paperwork. If you are an approved client with a client ID number then all you have to do is send a fax, email, or phone call, then rate the importance and we will do it, in a manner it needs to be done. We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week (after hour fees apply). You can also set it up with a monthly rate to have your property maintained. (subject to terms)



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