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Hello, my name is Richard Rogowski, founder and president of BestView contracting & Carolina maintenance & reconstruction company. I would like to thank you for looking at this manual description, and say congratulations on thinking of improving your life. If you are serious about getting into business or thinking about making your business run smoother or just easier, than this is the book for you.

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Well my friends, you can sit around a table and talk about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, but that is just talk! It is 2010…isn’t it about time. Until you actually start moving towards your goals is when you will start achieving them. Get this manual now and start moving forward! 

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I have been offering this manual for many years, the first copy was published in 2002 and was full of grammatical errors but was still a great seller. There was nothing but positive feedback from the first copy. Then a revision was made in 2003 and a lot of information was added. The added material was suggestions from people who purchased the manual. Then I sold that manual for about 3 years and life caught up to me and no longer had time to offer the assistance and support so I gave up selling it. Now thankfully with some 2010 New Years resolutions I am shifting what is important in my life I am revising this manual to have even more updated and useful information that is prudent to the year we are in... how time flies.

As of January 2010 the following updates have been added.

Market yourself 101

Insurance, yes or no?

How to include expenses like advertising, bills and gas into your bills.

Advertising for help, free or 400.00, you choose.

More legal paperwork for, sub contractors, estimates, invoices, billing, etc...

More sample letters to, real estate offices, rental companies, seniors, etc... these are professional.

How to get t-shirts, banners, signs, card and all advertising expenses for free. Free, really!

Why your service is needed more now than 10 years ago.

Positive reinforcement of how to keep on the right track and stay focused.

There is much, much, much, more...


As of February 24, 2003 the following updates have been added to this manual. To make it the new and improved manual.


How to get the business (work) first,       

Sample letters to real estate offices,       

Sample letters to general business's       

What about bid sheets?                          

Sample bid forms                                   

Expectations of employees                     

App.  for sub-contract employment        

(Use the application for part time employees,  doubles as a responsibility waiver and also makes them responsible for their taxes and insurances, that means no workers comp. insurance)

Sample flyers, either for yourself to hand out or for your sales people. I show you how to get sales people to wok just for commissions. Works out well.                                             

UPDATE: Important, Bidding on jobs  


Plus you will get email support.

Due to costs I can no longer offer phone support but will answer all emails within 24 hours.



Because this is what I enjoy doing. No matter what business I started or how much money I make I never feel as good as I do when I help people with this starting a business. This is a hobby to me and I just enjoy helping other people.

"I have always said, you can never live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you"

In this manual you will get everything listed above, plus!

1.What is landscaping?

2.      What is lawn care?

3.      Lawn care profitability.

4.      Choosing a business name.

5.      Your business legal name.

6.      Insurances.

7.      Knowledge of landscaping.

8.      Example phone/sales call.

9.      What tools are needed.

10.  How to get your accounts.

11.  Keep building clients.

12.  Keeping clients.

13.  Advertising with little or no money.

14.  Getting your worker/labor for cheap.

15.  What is your time worth. (important)

16.  Estimating, examples and worksheets.

17.  Proposals and contracts.

18.  Tax information.

19. Sample invoices and other forms.

20.  How to start with as little as a $100.00

21.  So much more..... I could go on forever.

22.  You will also have a website to find out how to do some of the work you need to do. It is perfect opportunity for you.


This manual is so comprehensive the only way you will fail is if you choose to fail.


Along the way you will be given positive quotes, just when you need them to keep you motivated, focused and on the right path.



Don't waste your money. Only buy this if you are really thinking of starting a landscaping/lawn care business. If working for yourself is what you want then proceed to checkout, otherwise comeback when you are ready to move forward.


Now I should tell you. If you think for one second this is not going to require a lot of hard work, you are wrong. Lawn care and landscaping is a great way to make money but, requires a lot of hard work. Sure you can easily make $50,000,00 your first year. No these numbers aren't fake, you can make easily 50,000,00 your first year. But it is going to be a lot of work.

Everything I am saying is true!

Some people will sell you things and say, work out of your home, do it on your spare time, not this. You will be way to busy too. Knowing this business as well as I do you will probably work 8-12 hours a day, even at first. Maybe more maybe less, all depending on your situation and how much you want to make. I work usually 10 to 12 hours a day and make about $1800.00 net a week, not gross. I am 29 years old and think that is pretty good.  (this was in 2002)

Also, with the economy like it is, you are just too unstable at your current job.

Questions and answers!


Isn't the market flooded with landscaper's?      

No! There is so much work, half the time during the busy seasons, people never show up to do the scheduled estimates (A, NO! NO!) There is probably one landscaper for every 1000 houses.   

After 9/11, the recession and whatever excuse’s people have, no one wants to spend any money, right?

They couldn't be more incorrect. After all those excuses, people stopped traveling as much and started staying home more. Now with these people being home, they start thinking of things to do, (improvements). No one wants their house to look dumpy and since they aren't doing anything else, they put it back into their homes.

Will this book help me with estimating jobs?

If this book doesn't help you with estimating, I will. I would be hard to believe that you wouldn't pick up the fundamentals of estimating and that's what this book will show you. The fundamentals' of estimating and how to get what you are worth. Also includes what to figure in and all the other things to include.

How long after I order the manual will I get it.

You will get this in 3 days, 99.9% of the time after your payment is received.

This is all yours for only 14.95 plus 5.00 for insured shipping

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The hardest part of any business is actually starting it.

Quit talking about it and just do it!


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